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Teachers, parents, and students who care about our environment and its' sustainability. 

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Who Are We?

Meet CMCES' 2019-2020 Green Team/Wellness Council

Zachery Palombo*                                                         Principal of Cape May City School District
John Thomas                                                                 Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Craig Pilczuk                                                                  Manager of Facilities and Grounds
Marianne Linnington                                                     Food Service Director
Sandy Sandmeyer-Bryan                                              Green Team Coordinator/G/T Teacher; Earth Club Advisor
Sharon Fruchtman                                                        Art Teacher
Nicole Cooper                                                                Special Education Teacher, CMCEA Union Representative

Jay Eppenbach*                                                             Parent/Fourth Grade Teacher

Alison Tully                                                                    Preschool Teacher

Scott Fisher                                                                   Guidance Counselor

Tiffany Bohn                                                                  School Nurse
Misty Hardy 
                                                                  Support Staff, Paraprofessional

Aimee Miller                                                                  Support Staff, Paraprofessional

Betty Ferrante                                                               Support Staff, Paraprofessional
Amanda Vota 
                                                                Support Staff, Paraprofessional

Larry Reed                                                                     Board of Education
Anita deSatnick                                                             Board of Education


*New members 2019-2020

Our Story

      Five years ago, our school registered with a program called Sustainable Jersey for Schools. This is “a certification program for New Jersey public schools that want to go green, conserve resources and take steps to create a brighter future…” We created a mandated Green Team in conjunction with our Wellness Council. The team includes administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff, parents, Board members, and students.

      Meetings, which are held on the first Monday of most months, are open to interested staff, families, and community members.Watch for meeting announcements in the monthly school
newsletter. Our team prioritizes actions and highlights activities that are already in place.

      In our first year of participation, we were honored to earn a Bronze Certification. In 2016 our school earned the highest certification, Silver, with over 350 points. Only 8 other NJ
schools earned this honor; it was quite an accomplishment!

      This year, we are again going for the Silver (there is no gold). If you are interested in Healthy Schools, Green Living, Learning Environments, School Culture & Climate, and STEAM Programs!

Would you like to join our team? 

Feel free to reach out and come to our next meeting!

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Sandy Sandmeyer-Bryan - ssandmeyer@cmcboe.org

Nicole Cooper - ncooper@cmcboe.org

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